Our Unwavering Commitment
We understand the challenges you face—from tough economic conditions to
evolving insurance and local code regulations. Whether you need us to design
and install a fire protection system in new construction or retrofit a system in
existing structures, we take your needs very seriously.

Founded in 1984, AAA Fire and Safety Equipment has grown to become one of
the largest fire equipment service companies in Texas with offices in Dallas,
Waco, Austin, San Antonio and Houston. AAA Fire and Safety Equipment is a
family owned and operated business. Our customer's satisfaction is our primary
goal and you will notice the way that we do business is different right from the
start. Clear communication is one of the most important things in construction
and you can rest assured that the lines of communication between us will always
be open.

We take great pride in providing our clients the highest level of professionalism
as we work together with them to meet their budgetary and regulatory fire
protection and inspection needs. Our dedicated team of fire system inspectors to
monitor the integrity and dependability of fire protection systems and ensure that
they are up to code and operating optimally.

AAA Fire and Safety is state licensed, bonded and fully insured. All of us at AAA
take pride in being a quick-response “one stop shop,” able to handle all the
needs of our commercial, industrial and institutional customers in just one call.
We accomplish this with our mobile field technicians, all of whom are industry-
trained, highly experienced professionals, licensed by state and local
jurisdictions and on call 24/7.
AAA Fire & Safety
Austin: (512) 451-4116        
Dallas: (972) 203-9000        
Waco:  (254) 757-Fire
San Antonio: (210) 732-9754
Houston:        (281) 568-Fire